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Dhruva’s Digi World Pvt. Ltd. is the one-stop solution for end-to-end Animation and VFX production. After a decade and more of excellent experience in our profession and mastering our skills, we came together as a new energetic company with brilliant ideas.

DDW equips and utilizes the best resources and facilities for the services and believes in delivering the best on time.

Founders of DDW

Devdatta D Waghmare

Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

Ravikiran D Navale

Co-Founder, Director of Creative and Operations

Abhijit P Salunke

Co-Founder, Director of Financial Strategy  

Services we provide

  • IP Development

    - Concept Development
    - Story Development
    - Loglines
    - Character Description
    - Show Bible and Presentation
    - Production Plan and Work Flow


Urgent Openings


Currently All our positions have been filled.
Please Do check this section for any future opportunities.

Character Designers (Senior and Mid)

2D Layout and Background artists

2D Animators

Roto Artis

Clan up Artist

Illustrator (Comic Book)

Concept designer (Character and Location)

Motion Graphic /Compositor

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    Dhruva's Digi World , DDW Company Animation , and VFX Production

    Dhruva’s Digi World,  popularly known as DDW Company, is an animation and visual effects production firm with its headquarters in Mumbai, India’s thriving Malad district. DDW animation has established itself as a major force in the field of digital animation and visual effects thanks to a group of skilled artists, animators, and technicians.
    The business specializes in producing captivating animated material of the highest caliber for a range of channels, including television, film, and the internet. The projects in DDW’s portfolio span from simple visual effects for blockbuster movies to children’s cartoons.
    The dedication to originality and innovation in DDW’s work is one of its defining characteristics. Using the most recent tools and methods, the team consistently pushes the limits of what is possible with digital animation and visual effects to produce breathtaking, immersive

    Pre production company | Post production company

    Any film or video production process must begin with pre-production, and pre-production companies are essential to the success of a movie. Pre-production firms are in charge of the initial development and planning of a project. They collaborate closely with the producers, directors, and writers to make sure that every aspect of the production is well-planned and carried out.
    Pre-production businesses provide a variety of services, but they frequently offer script creation, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, and scheduling. To make sure that every aspect of the production is in place before filming starts, they are also in charge of developing budgets, obtaining finance, and communicating with other vendors and suppliers.
    An effective pre-production business may take a project from conception to completion.
    The final stage of making a movie or a video is called post-production, where all of the material that was shot during filming is edited together, sound and music are added, and visual effects are combined. Post-production businesses are in charge of assembling all the components of production to produce a finished good that is prepared for distribution.
    Depending on the requirements of the project, post-production businesses offer a variety of services, but the most common ones include editing, sound design, music composition, visual effects, color grading, and mastering. To make sure that the finished result fulfills the client’s vision and is beyond their expectations, they collaborate closely with the producers, directors, and editors.

    Script and Screenplay Writing

    Script and screenplay writing are essential to the film and television industries. A strong script or screenplay writing can make the difference between a hit and a dud in a movie or television production. It is the cornerstone upon which a movie or television program is constructed, thus it is crucial to get it right from the start.
    A film or television show’s story, characters, dialogue, and plot are all created as part of the scriptwriting process. A strong scriptwriter has a thorough command of the mechanics of storytelling, such as pacing, plot structure, and character arcs, in addition to being able to develop captivating characters and an interesting storyline.

    Concept and script writing

    The concept and the script writing are crucial phases in the creation of a movie, television program, or other types of media project. These phases entail refining the project’s initial concept into a comprehensive story that may subsequently be put into a script and ultimately brought to life on screen.
    Writing a concept includes creating the fundamental idea for a project. It may involve conducting research, brainstorming meetings, and creative inquiry. The objective is to create a compelling and clear concept that can be presented to producers or investors to get the project funded.

    Animation company malad | VFX animation in malad | 2d animation in malad | 3d animaiton in malad | VFX animation in mumbai | 2d animation in mumbai | 3d animaiton in mumbai

    If you’re looking for an animation studio that specializes in VFX, 2D, or 3D animation in Malad or Mumbai, you have a lot of possibilities.
    VFX animation uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) to produce special effects that would be too expensive, risky, or impossible to produce in real life. This can feature anything, such as monsters, explosions, and complicated landscapes.
    Many animation studios that focus on VFX animation can be found in Malad. These businesses provide a variety of services, such as motion graphics, compositing, and pre-visualization. DDW Animation and VFX Production Company, Toonz Animation, and Firefly Creative Studio are a few of the top VFX animation businesses in Malad.
    There are several alternatives if you’re seeking 2D animation in Malad or Mumbai. Creating animations with two-dimensional visuals, such as sketches or drawings, is known as 2D animation. From conventional hand-drawn animation to digital animation created using programs like Adobe Animate, this may cover it all.
    The 2D animation industry is well represented in Malad by several businesses. These businesses provide a variety of services, such as storyboarding, character design, and animation creation. Bright Brain Animation, Digitoonz Media and Entertainment, and Krayon Films are a few of Malad’s best 2D animation studios.
    In 3D animation, environments and models in three dimensions are used to create animations. This might range from character animation and special effects to architectural visualizations.
    Many animation studios focus on 3D animation in Malad and Mumbai. The services provided by these businesses include character modeling, rigging, and animation creation. Top 3D animation studios in Malad and Mumbai include Prana Studios, Pixelloid Studios, and Bot VFX.
    In conclusion, you may find a variety of animation businesses in Malad and Mumbai that can satisfy your needs whether you’re seeking VFX animation, 2D animation, or 3D animation. These businesses may assist you in bringing your creative idea to life on the big or small screen by providing a variety of services, including concept and script writing, animation production, and post-production.

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